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A source of information created to help guide the North Korean people to a brighter future.

The Foreign Election

3 Day 1,873, 12:09 North Korea Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

The future does not look well for our small already fledgling country. Every single Presidential candidate currently lives within China, Taiwan, or some other nation far away from North Korea. Our president should live within North Korea, our

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Outsourcing Our Laborers to China

6 Day 1,872, 12:15 North Korea Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Recently The Cause decided to ask several Presidential candidates their view on minimum wage, but only one responded to the polite questioning by The Cause. His name is KevinYu and here is what he had to say on the topic.

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Poverty to Prosperity

7 Day 1,871, 11:58 North Korea Financial business Financial business

Our beloved nation of North Korea has fallen into a state of decay. Our citizens go to other countries in search of work, there is very little decent paying work at home in North Korea. Together the North Korean people can change such horrible facts

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A Fiery Birth

2 Day 1,870, 13:46 North Korea Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

From beneath the war torn soil rises a source of information devoted to the cause of guiding the masses with up-to-date factually correct information.

The Cause will be a daily publication covering the following topics:
1. War

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