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The President of Bulgaria got impeached after 9 days in office. What now?

55 Day 1,668, 23:41 China Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Last month I wrote that Flausino's presidency will be an eye opener for the Bulgarian players. My claim was that under Flausino's "leadership" it would become clear that the war with Turkey is a futile ping-pong and nothing else.

It turned out I

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Wow! You are so strong! How come you keep losing?

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When Turkey sided with EDEN at the end of last year, people carefully added up the damage dealt by ONE and compared it to the total firepower of EDEN (including Bulgaria at the time) and Turkey. It turned out ONE was still leading. On

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About the Chinese-Bulgarian NAP

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There were a few people, especially from Ukraine, who hastened to label the Chinese-Bulgarian as betrayal.

It is easy to understand why the Bulgarians were interested in that NAP: most of their damage goes currently against the Turkish RWs, so a

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Brotherhood is a two-way street

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This is a follow-up to the previous article.

I will start with the comment made by [url=

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Good news! Flausiono won the elections in Bulgaria

130 Day 1,630, 01:27 China Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

On May 3rd I was discussing with several Bulgarian friends about their two main presidential candidates. All my readers know I worked since 2009 to bring Bulgaria on EDEN's side and that during the Bulgarian-Turkish crisis I put a lot of energy on

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