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33 Day 1,135, 06:07 Published in Greece Greece

To my English readers, this is an article to eGreek players about me returning from my native country Cyprus.

They will soon delete all our orgs, we can all help players get the Media Mogul trophy before they do this. Please scroll down and
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Gia tin eGreece kai tous neous, ti mporeis na kaneis? Ego 3erw ti tha kano.

59 Day 1,126, 14:39 Published in Cyprus Cyprus

Goodevening San Diego,

Αυτή η στιγμή η ηΠατρίς βρίσκετε σε μια κρίσιμη στιγμή. Βρισκόμαστε σε ένα σταυροδρόμι που από την μια βρίσκετε ο γκρεμός και από την άλλη η καταστροφή. Θα φτάσουμε στον γκρεμό εάν δεν βάλουμε νέους παίκτες στο παιχνί … read more »

gia tis times tou pswmiou mou pri3ate ta... kante kai esys kati.

38 Day 1,124, 02:26 Published in Cyprus Cyprus

giati varethika na apantao se 1000 atoma to idio pragma.

simera elava minima #1000 gia tin timi tou pswmiou, i apantisi mou tha itan afti, alla skeftika, kaneis den tou a3izei na tou apantiso etsi se proswpiko minima, to vazo dhmosios

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Ready for revenge???? hahahahahahahaha.. you and what army?

47 Day 1,119, 09:17 Published in Cyprus Cyprus

Goodevening San Diego,

Some eTurk published this article Ready for revenge with a picture in it. But unfortunately he forgot to supply the entire photo, so here … read more »

Why cant I get a job in eTurkey?

40 Day 1,118, 12:26 Published in Cyprus Cyprus

Goodevening San Diego,

I am looking for a job in occupied eCyprus / eTurkey.

It seems no eTurkish businessman wants this eCypriot as an employee!


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