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[Phoenix || UK] Media Mogul Program

2 Day 803, 08:43 United Kingdom

Fellow Brits, I come today with a great scheme which will hopefully make our country some lovely gold! This media mogul scheme is simple: in exchange for a small contribution, and the promise that you sub everyones papers, we will get you

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[V2] Conversions: Part 2 - Economics

5 Day 801, 12:31 United Kingdom

Read the first part of my conversion series here, an in depth look into the military module changes: here.

Thanks for your comments and votes, and

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[V2] Conversions: Part 1 - Military

19 Day 795, 22:19 Canada

My previous article focused on some of the new subtleties of the game, and following on from that I will now comb through each of the new modules to … read more »

jamesw for North West Congress - 4 more weeks!

10 Day 793, 03:19 United Kingdom

This month...
- I was chosen to be our Minister of Work, as well as serving as Vice President of UKRP, and Congressional Director (3 terms in a row baby!)

- Implemented a newer, more robust and efficient system within the

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[UK] Opposition: the most important thing of all

4 Day 781, 16:26 United Kingdom

It seems clear to most, that a healthy democracy is one which ensures power is not centralized to the point where … read more »