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Why am I so Bloody?

Is Everyone Asleep? We need a leader.

28 Day 2,139, 21:24 South Africa Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

In case you didn't notice, our country is doomed.

A large influx of a PTOing party has entered into our country with intentions of running our country.

Do we try to take action? No

Do we look forward at trying to prevent it? No

Do we

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The Story of the President (El Reto) Who declared WAR on the PEOPLE

25 Day 2,136, 10:12 South Africa Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

The South African People's front has always been about the People.

We have stood by the People, standing for honor, Dignity and Loyalty.

When other parties were at the top, the Dignity Brigade was still there standing up for the little man.

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[SMUT] Pacific Clash

5 Day 2,136, 09:49 South Africa Battle orders Battle orders

SMUT members!

For this week, we will be participating in the Pacific Clash Missions.

The SMUT missions are mostly there for the times between missions.

I look forward to coming up with something creative for next mission!


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I'm humbled and honored!

8 Day 2,134, 21:55 South Africa Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

I've been a little busy the past day and unable to deal with the SMUT mission, but I logged in this evening to be alerted of this article:

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[SMUT] Mission 2

6 Day 2,130, 11:15 South Africa Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

We all just fought in the EPIC WARS, aka the "Plato Needs more Money" battles.

Despite being such an elite unit, even we need to relax a little bit and collect ourselves.

This mission will be active until Day 2135.

This is a

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