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[Dignity Brigade] Results - Mission 1

23 Day 2,347, 14:07 Sweden Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Men, I am proud to report the mission results from Mission 1.

We had VERY good activity.

Kills-Wise, I forgot to take note of what we got, so I went back and checked eGov4You and was astounded.

Tank -Wise,
We were fucking amazing.

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[Dignity Brigade] Mission 1

12 Day 2,340, 22:11 Sweden Battle orders Battle orders

Coming to you the Day after Easter (Erepublik Day: 2344)

eSwedish Dignity Brigade Mission number 1.

I assume Sweden will be in some form of War, after the announcement our ruler made.

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[Dignity Brigade] Attention!!!

33 Day 2,334, 10:24 Sweden Battle orders Battle orders

What a sorry bunch of suckers and saps you all are...

Since moving to eSweden, we've gotten as lazy and freeloading as the socialist suckers that live here!!!

We need some unity in this MU, we are currently all off doing our own things!

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18 Day 2,326, 15:04 Sweden Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

I've always played this game for the politics.

I'm outspoken, brash and hot-tempered. But I'm also always calculating and figuring out what needs done.

I love politics and was the foundation of 2 completely different parties in eSouth … read more »

Hello and Hallå

36 Day 2,324, 21:23 Sweden Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Hey all you Swedes,
My name is Claudio and I would like you all to meet your new ruler.

(That's right, I come with a posse)

I'm actually not looking to be your

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