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Rap battle!!

2 Day 1,809, 10:04 USA Battle orders Battle orders

Hey everyone

Today we are going to rap it out!

This rap battle has some rules!

- Anyone can be made fun of
- be a little bit respectful but go after them
- you can be white

I'll start

Today I'm sitting down on my chair with a smile

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1 Day 1,806, 18:42 USA Battle orders Battle orders

Since i now have 30 subscribers and its about to be The night of frights i would like to propose this!

Costume Contest!!!!
Just send me a picture of what you went as! I will judge the costume In certain categories!

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Today we will help the new players! Together!

3 Day 1,806, 12:52 USA First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

I would like for ever semi or experienced player to help the little guys out by commenting game tips bellow!
If you see something that's wrong please correct that person! Please give tips, game language, what things mean, and politics!

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Hurricane protection and help

1 Day 1,806, 06:42 USA Financial business Financial business

Hello and welcome

I'm sorry for not being able to address those who need their free stuff, or the raffle winners, I will do that as soon as possible.

So lately I've been having to do paper work and take care of my concussed younger brother.

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Another war story from your very own.

1 Day 1,805, 06:33 USA Financial business Financial business

Hello and welcome to Spider-man Nation.

Today is Man Made Monday, this is where I give you a story of mine.

The Story
While I was at boot camp(training, ECT. Keep it simple) we had that cliché moment where the Drill instructor asks us why we

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