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Napalm, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that.

Operation Gangnam Style reloaded

16 Day 1,932, 08:08 Japan Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Hey, sexy lady,

after eJapan was liberated we have to liberate South Korea too. The US attack seems as everything made by the eUSA: disastrous. But we need to throw up our swords

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It's time to harvest!

16 Day 1,931, 07:24 Japan Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Nippon Banzai!!!

Hachiman, the kami of
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20 Day 1,910, 11:39 Japan Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

The Mount Fuji in Chubu region: one of the most important symbols of Japan

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Operation Stinky Tofu

23 Day 1,909, 11:27 Japan Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Happy New Year, Taiwan! It’s the year of the snake, so we have a present for the people of eRoC: the Operation Stinky Tofu, a serious RW in Chubu. We have a good chance today, because of the holiday, the war against South Korea and we are also

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[Farewell speech] New year, new president

27 Day 1,871, 13:04 Japan Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Fellow citizens of eJapan,

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