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[AMP] Syz for Party Prez - Cabinet

6 Day 2,182, 10:58 USA Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

I mentioned in my previous campaign article what I plan on doing, though it is not at all an exhaustive list. Those are just some things I was making a point of that are long overdue … read more »

I'm feeling them!

5 Day 2,169, 21:09 USA Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

I am of course, talking about the AMPs!

In fact, I'm feeling them so much that I'm making this announcement. I was going to wait a few days, but spurred on by presidential … read more »

Pride in being eAmerican

1 Day 2,165, 09:26 USA Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

When I joined this game, I naturally chose my real-life nation. I didn't know what I should expect. I didn't know if it would be similar to the real USA or not. The eUSA is actually better in a lot of ways. Enough to make me proud of being an

read more »

Building a Better Economy

28 Day 2,088, 08:05 USA Financial business Financial business

There’s a problem

Ask anyone what is wrong with eRepublik and the economy will be mentioned more than anything. They will all tell you it’s broken, it needs changed. You can try to say it will improve with this or that, but … read more »

In Alabama Yesterday...

20 Day 2,021, 00:05 USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

I was fighting in Alabama yesterday against those Serbians. After shedding the blood of many, I took cover to reload my weapon. At the same time, a massive group of Serbs beyond count was marching by, so I hid, watched and listened.

I heard a

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