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Rise Up, Canada! [eUS Edition]

7 Day 2,081, 13:18 USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis


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We are still here!!

8 Day 2,080, 06:47 USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

"Zion Canada hear me! It is true what many of you have heard. The machines Spain have gathered an army and as I speak that army is drawing [url= more »

Donate to help Canada (Canadians, friends and allies in eUSA)

8 Day 2,077, 12:34 USA Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

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This is for all Canadians, friends and allies in the e United States of read more »

Supplies On for Canada

3 Day 2,070, 17:42 USA Battle orders Battle orders


update: Battle is over, the war
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Hall Of Freedom

5 Day 2,066, 10:19 USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Brother it breaks my heart
How this could be your part
Chains of a tyranny
Left you in poverty, famine and despair
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