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30 Day 2,477, 10:51 Published in Serbia Serbia First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Dragi erepovci, rl svetom je aktuelan Ice Bucket Challenge, gde se mnogi ljudi polivaju ledenom vodom i doniraju novac kako bi skrenuli pažnju na ALS bolest i pomogli obolelima. Nakon ispunjenja izazova, slede nominacije.

Ali, pošto smo mi u

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44 Day 2,476, 18:25 Published in Serbia Serbia Battle orders Battle orders

Support RW => 1000cc

Win RW => 5 golds

Win RW => 887.35 cc

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Serbs gonna Serb?!

53 Day 2,448, 16:22 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom Battle orders Battle orders

Yeah Yeah you hate us... we know ;) relax...

So GOV member wrote

Hmmmm lets check...

So ok... We got 28 points... Lets
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22 Day 2,435, 11:19 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Because he didnt put my words and he is attacking my people...

P.S. You still think I need UKs golds? GOLD

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No name

26 Day 2,431, 09:06 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Well a lot of people saw my last article… This is almost the same article but without some words. + i have to cover bad words in photos…

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