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[MoD] Marching to Jerusalem

38 Day 2,302, 10:14 Cyprus Battle orders Battle orders

eCypriots - Friends and Allies ,

In a few hours we are about to honor our god ANAN and his prophet pampuan !
In a few hours we are about to expand our holy lands !


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[ eBirthday ] Rauf for ever !

19 Day 2,277, 13:37 Cyprus Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Panpas - Friends- Lovers

Today one great eCypriot our beloved Rauf got his e-birthday. 5 years in this game !!

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[MoD] Battle Prios and Second Operation

9 Day 2,276, 09:42 Cyprus Battle orders Battle orders


Today we fight hard for USA


3) AGAINST RUSSIA : http://www.erepublik.

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[MoD] First Cyprus Operation

32 Day 2,274, 05:43 Cyprus Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

eCypriots - Friends and Allies ,

Lately we talked with Polish government about strengthening our relations and further co-operation.
So when the Polish MoFA asked our help in the RW of Germany, Cypriots were there to prove their loyalty to

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[ MoD ] Operation L-Day

12 Day 2,271, 04:28 Cyprus Battle orders Battle orders

Fighters of Cyprus,

Operation name: L-Day

Get ready for our liberation !
Stock your candies and bombs and soon we will have our fight !
Weapons will be given to all Cypriot fighters , as always , in our

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