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Q5 Weapons is Hiring/Updates

0 Day 925, 17:23 Singapore

Greetings eSingapore,

Firstly, I wanted to once again stress that the Q5 weapons project is hiring workers. There are several jobs listed on the market for 1SGD. If you apply and if your wellness is above 90, your salary will be adjusted to the

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The Mystery of Singapore's Missing Treasury (Relorians Part) *Added Content*

27 Day 912, 15:09 Singapore

Greetings eSingapore,

By now Tommy has broken the news I had intended to break last week but held off on waiting for the Admins to reply to the ticket I sent in and to give time for Arbryn to review what was missing. My hat is off to Tommy for

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BlueBond: eSingporean Traitor

10 Day 908, 16:14 Singapore

Greetings All Citizens of eSingapore (And any other readers),

I was willing to give Bluebond a lot of wiggle room on if he was or was not a PTOer. I'd spoken to him on IRC a few times, He'd asked permission when I was President to change the

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[Gov] The Last 24 Hours in office and Plans for after Office

11 Day 897, 00:23 Singapore

Greetings eSingapore and global readers,

This will more than likely be my last [Gov] tagged article unless at some point in the future I wish to run for president again or be made Minister of Communication/Information.

These past 30 days

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eSingapore: Dont feed the Trolls

5 Day 891, 21:57 Singapore

Greetings eSingapore,

I hate to state the obvious but DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS.

Instead, Laugh at them on the eSingapore Forums.

That is all.

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