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Dennis McVicker For Congress in Karnataka

10 Day 943, 17:01 Published in USA USA

Vote Dennis McVicker in Karnataka!

Friends, Karnatakans, fellow Americans; I am writing this to ask for your vote in the upcoming race for Congress.

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I can haz Joe Newton as My Virgin Bride!

10 Day 938, 18:34 Published in USA USA

Since the marriage of Joe Newton and Fionia has apparently crashed and burned faster than the APF during a party president election, I have decided to take Newton as my virgin bride (without his consent if necessary). To accomplish this I've

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Jude Connors does what Max McFarland could not!

9 Day 938, 17:41 Published in USA USA

USWP can into APF!

In a move that surprised a lot of people, including me, it looks as if Jude Connors has sucessfully taken over the APF. Upon his election as Party President, we can expect to see a revival of the USWP.

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I can haz PTOUS, and Ajay Bruno can into White House!

68 Day 921, 23:27 Published in USA USA

Vote Dennis McVicker / Ajay Bruno June 2010!

My Cabinet:

Vice President: Ajay Bruno: There is not a person alive I trust more than Ajay, he is a fine and loyal American who … read more »

I can into LIBS Party President?

8 Day 905, 18:36 Published in USA USA

Over the last few months I have done considerable work with a singular purpose in mind, trying to rebuild this party. It is with this thought in mind that I announce my candidacy for LIBS Party President.


1. Recruit and retain the

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