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How to Become the Best Phoenix PTO'er EVER!!!

12 Day 829, 19:44 USA

Step 1: Create a newb account!
Step 2:Spend two to three hours on IRC every day chating with new friends (read as suckers!)
Step 3: Get endorsed by your party as a joke.
Step 4: Have your opponent tell your party he'd like to see you get moved so

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Changing Location and Expectations

8 Day 824, 19:26 USA

Vote Dennis McVicker in the North Carolina Congressional race!

Due to changes in support and expectations in the upcoming election, I have been asked by the Libertarian Party to run in North Carolina instead of Alabama.

I have been a … read more »

Vote for a gay Jew in Alabama because Hell freezing over will end global warming

14 Day 821, 22:20 USA

The title was meant to get lolz, but now to be serious.

I have been a citizen of the eUS for a month now; in real life I have a B.A. in economics, and owned my own business. I have recently graduate from USTC, and will be teaching Business/

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Calling All Gay Patriots

24 Day 810, 22:43 USA

I am Dennis McVicker, and I have joined Projet Fenix (, a party which I hope to turn into the Gay Political Party for the eUSA. I am asking all homosexuals to join me and help create a

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