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Reelect Dennis McVicker in North Carolina

8 Day 881, 16:50 USA

Vote Dennis McVicker in North Carolina

In real life I have a B.A. in economics, and … read more »

Budget and Finance Committee Agenda

8 Day 864, 18:09 USA

As the new Chairman of the Budget and Finance Committee, I would like to set a progressive agenda for B&F for this term. The major change this term is transparency.

Every committee vote will be made public before proposals are

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Thank You

0 Day 857, 01:27 USA

After a long week of campaigning and an even longer night of voting, it's official The Gayfather can into Congress!

I'd like to thank everyone who voted for me, the Sexy Libs (Especially Claire) for Nominating me, the UIP & USWP for … read more »

The Difference between Economic Turmoil and Prosperity

20 Day 852, 15:43 USA

I have a degree in economics, and real life experience running a business; it is that experience that lead to this article, and my campaign for Congress.

The current economic policy of the eUS government has been lacking in reflationary policy

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Dennis McVicker for Congress in North Carolina

5 Day 850, 05:28 USA

Vote Dennis McVicker in North Carolina

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