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The Future of eUS Politics?

15 Day 1,176, 02:07 USA

Over the course of the last few months, the political climate in the eUS has become somewhat vicious and seems to be becoming more so by the day.


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Dennis McVicker for Congress in Rhode Island

7 Day 1,002, 17:14 USA

Vote Dennis McVicker in Rhode Island!

Friends, Rhode Islanders, fellow Americans; I am writing this to ask for your vote in the upcoming race for Congress.

My Experience:

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Call for an International Embargo against Admin (Updated)

77 Day 992, 15:42 USA

As someone who has spent considerable real world money on this game, I'm a little upset with the level of service paying customers receive, or don't receive as the case may be. As an example of this, I have an open ticket from July 23 that has

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Looking for New Players who want to get involved.

7 Day 980, 21:39 USA

Need help?

The Department of Interior is offering assistance to new citizens looking for help with things such as food and giving you a mentor. Fill out this <a href="https://spreadsheets. … read more »

How Pizza the Hut ended up on the ballot

6 Day 977, 22:16 USA

I signed on earlier today to find out Pizza the Hut was on the ballot in Chongqing, and that people were claiming we were running him on purpose.

The truth is he was only allowed on the ballot because a FEC blocker did not file for candidacy in

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