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Prague News are Czech conservative newspapers since 2008.

Mutual protection pact with Ireland canceled

6 Day 257, 10:18 Published in Czech Republic Czech Republic

Mutual protection pact between Ireland and Czech Republic was canceled. Its well known that group of Romanians made coup in Ireland. Ireland is now politicaly controled by this group, their intentions are still unclear. Because it probably Ireland

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We need upgrade wiki Czech Republic

4 Day 257, 01:54 Published in Czech Republic Czech Republic

I have checked Erepublic Wiki. Many countries have better their country wiki site. Even some conquered countries have better section then we have. Now, when new citizens from conquered countries arrived, new ones have been born in country and some

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Hungary is strenghtening their position

1 Day 256, 03:06 Published in Czech Republic Czech Republic

Hungarian government probably carefully observe consolidation of the Czech Republic and is aware of the strong Czech Republic. Their new mutual protections with Pakistan and especcialy with Bulgaria should bring back former balance of powers in

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Glory of our nation.

1 Day 256, 01:50 Published in Czech Republic Czech Republic

Citizens have shown their willingness to change, elections reflected rise of the population last month. I am proud that I am part of it.

Policy is one of the aspects which would influence our future. But without determined citizens, the political

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Friends too far afield

3 Day 254, 01:00 Published in Czech Republic Czech Republic

It wasnt a long time ago when Czech Republic was attacked without reasons by neighbour country and thanks our president and large coalition was saved our independence.
We have to learn from history how dangerous should be ignoring threats. Benes

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