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[TUP] Kravenn for Yorkshire and Humberside

6 Day 1,068, 13:12 United Kingdom

I am Kravenn and I will be a TUP candidate in our beloved region of Yorkshire and Humberside. After a month in Scotland, it is with a real pleasure that I come back to our beloved region.

Who am I ?

I am born in Wallonia (UNL) on

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The Fall of eNL

43 Day 1,045, 17:46 Netherlands

Note : I know that I will receive a lot of insults in the comments, from old citizens of eNL, To be honnest : I really don’t care about that, but It will be a proof that they are unable to see where their own faults

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[TUP] Kravenn for Scotland

3 Day 1,037, 20:59 United Kingdom

Hello, I am Kravenn and I will be running for congress this term in Scotland

To people who don’t know me yet: I am Kravenn, I am born in May 2009 (day 545) in Wallonia in United Netherlands (Union between Belgium and Netherlands).

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[TUP] Kravenn for Y&H August 2010

11 Day 1,007, 18:12 United Kingdom

These last days were very intense: Canada attacks us; we begin to take back some regions.
In some hours, there will be Congress elections. You will choose citizens who will represent you to the House of Commons. I have decided to run for a 8th term

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Did Ireland uses fakes ? : Yes !!

60 Day 999, 17:06 Ireland

Please Ireland, we know that you want Dublin back but please don't use multies

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