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Penguins Win the Cup

3 Day 572, 05:27 Published in Canada Canada

Cole Harbour's native son did us all proud Friday night. Although injury forced him to miss the second half of the game, his team prevailed and Sidney Crosby became (if Berry Bettman is to be believed, which I grant you is an open question) the

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Hey, not every article has to be serious

3 Day 570, 12:07 Published in Canada Canada

On this very very rainy day, here's a little bit of sunshine. Apparently, one can knit bikinis. Who knew?

Spem Reduxit can be rightfully accused of pandering in today's edition for greater circulation, but who says every article has to be

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Masters in Our Own House

6 Day 569, 08:27 Published in Canada Canada

"I was elected to govern New Brunswick. Nobody ever said I had to live there." - Richard Hatfield

Richard's famous quote (the true author may have been Dalton Camp) was designed to deflect criticism for his travel, ostensibly making contacts for

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Where to Live in Canada

10 Day 568, 10:29 Published in Canada Canada

(note: this will serve as a how-to aid for new players, also raises editorial issues after the stars)

New citizens of the eworld are often surprised to find that Wellness, more than any other quality, is a determinant of success here. What this

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vol 1, issue 1: Spem Reduxit

1 Day 568, 05:42 Published in Canada Canada

This new paper now enters out into the eworld, a world which has many papers. Each of those has an agenda. Ours will be stated forthrightly. We will not suppose that our inaugural issue will even begin to detail it, in part because one of our

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