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Why you should not sell your vote

8 Day 1,709, 06:35 Published in USA USA Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Take it from someone who has seen it:

The kind of people who buy votes, rather than actually form a relationship with you and run on a platform, will hurt the cause of your nation.

When they do that, your game experience can really be

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A little bit of logic, please, I beg of you

23 Day 1,708, 09:30 Published in USA USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

IF we are going to go through all the expense, nonsense, wasted damage, and hard feelings of a Can-Am war and

IF we are not intending for it to really go anywhere, [url=

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Wrestling with War

9 Day 1,708, 07:05 Published in USA USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

As one wag put it, everything has a 50-50 chance – either it will happen, or it won’t.

Either the Canada-US war will amount to something, or it won’t. I’m guessing on “won’t”, but there remains a possibility it will. It could of course end in a

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Natural Enemies, you say?

14 Day 1,702, 07:47 Published in USA USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Tolstoy wrote (yep, you read that right, we’re starting with a Tolstoy quote – that should separate the sheep from the goats a bit earlier than usual) that
it is easier to produce ten volumes of philosophical writing
(only ten?

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The Rockets' Red Glare

4 Day 1,680, 11:22 Published in USA USA Financial business Financial business

Wow, there’s a development for sure! Following on my critique/analysis of the last few editions of N x NE, the new rockets has much to recommend it from a game play perspective:
1. It soaks up some of the excess supply, a serious economic problem.

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