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The Summer of our Discontent

7 Day 1,679, 07:03 USA Financial business Financial business

Trying to predict where this game is going under the admins’ arbitrary hand is a bit of a mug’s game,
but let’s play all the same.

The new combat module is an attempt to address a problem of a game with an established player base which I have

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Jackson Browne's Anthem of Erepublik

0 Day 1,675, 05:11 USA Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Everybody I talk to is ready to leave
With the light of the morning
They've seen the end coming down long enough to believe
That they've heard their last warning
Standing alone
Each has his own ticket in his hand
And as the evening descends

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Leaders, Feces-Throwers, and the Horde

12 Day 1,661, 06:35 USA Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

As those who read these pages know, eCanada is my former home and I make some effort to keep in touch with the goings-on there. N by NE is an American paper, but it is also one which pretty regularly reports on matters Canadian – sadly, often as a

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Three years in this game.

16 Day 1,652, 05:24 USA Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

To be honest, it feels like longer.

I've seen so much change, both here and out in RL, during that time.

There was the end of professions, the rise of real estate, the end of walls and defense systems, the tactical battle simulator, the

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It's Not. Going. To. Stop.

6 Day 1,646, 06:51 USA Financial business Financial business

About a month ago, I ran a series on the Erep Economy, explaining the phenomenon of chronic oversupply and the crash in prices that will inevitably follow. As players have noted, that collapse is more or less underway.

I am writing a quick note

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