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PP presentation : The Reformist Movement

58 Day 2,032, 11:39 Belgium Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

I can only say that in eBe everyone thing that im PTOer but im not , the reason was because in party H,O,P,E i do all my best to be better PARTY and be on first place in nacional rank... but they FU** me UP because the all votes who i collect ....

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One for all,all for one !

4 Day 2,001, 12:24 Belgium Battle orders Battle orders

Military Tournament

Since everyone built up an appetite for fighting on Day 2000, a new contest will start on Day 2003 at 00:00 eRepublik time. This will be a Military Unit Tournament, meaning that we will measure and reward the Military Units

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Job market Salary

17 Day 1,991, 18:02 Belgium Financial business Financial business

This Job Market Salary it's for all countries , that who are at the first place

They were priced when I saw last time(eRepublik time and date 18:00 - 1,991)

Daily salary

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WIN Congress Elections Candidates [H.O.P.E.]

3 Day 1,984, 09:11 Belgium Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

This month its rich CE. We have 10 congresmens.
Members who became CM they are :


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Congress Elections [H.O.P.E.]

2 Day 1,983, 02:46 Belgium Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Vote for H.O.P.E !
H.O.P.E is only for better eBelgium !

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