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Congress Member in Indonesia (Day 2167)

12 Day 2,167, 06:02 Indonesia Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Congratulations, you have just been elected as a congress member in your country. Visit the Country Administration area to use your congress member tools.


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GOLD ____________(macedonian players only)

25 Day 2,137, 00:28 Indonesia Financial business Financial business grk
Kako do eftin gold?Poveceto igraci ja znaat ovaa finta ama ajde posto gledam deka mnogu od igracite baraat po postovi leb i tenkovi pa mislam deka na ovoj nacin mozat da dojdat do toa.Nacinot … read more »

The Truth About Svetais Ugunskrusts

28 Day 2,109, 15:36 Indonesia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Everybody need to know about Svetais Ugunskrusts with profile and his voters club "Ultra Voters" at all he is a big liAR.Acctualy what happening?He

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Congress Candidate

3 Day 2,101, 14:50 Indonesia Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

I running for congressman in a region of Sumatra. I would be grateful if on the 25th vote for me.

I give my word that I will propose legislation without prior approval by a majority of congressmen
I will vote for or against earlier if so agreed

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178 Day 1,921, 05:18 Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment
На ден 1923 светна и оваа медаља.
Богами оваа медаља ме намачи најповеќе до сега.Многу труд, многу кликање а и финансии се разбира.Медаљите како оваа и Mercenary Plato ги направил да повеќе не ти текне по втор пат да … read more »