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From a Junior Officer

28 Day 1,771, 16:45 USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Welcome to the the second issue of News From the Airborne. Our mission is to protect and serve our country without question. We deploy into situations that are in need for our assistance, and we do our job, head home and do it again the next

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A Message from our Commander

31 Day 1,765, 16:07 USA Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Welcome to the first weekly publication from the Airborne. We will send you interviews with our officers and troops, reports on Airborne and individual soldier activities and other subjects.

We want to begin with a message from our commander,

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seeker1: Experienced Leadership for South Dakota

6 Day 915, 16:10 USA

Today, I announce my candidacy to represent South Dakota during a ninth term in Congress. My experience in politics is extensive. Within a month of joining eRepublik, I became active in the AAP, contributing to its rise from the fifth ranked … read more »

AAP: Vote for a Plan for the Party. Vote seeker1

4 Day 875, 15:00 USA

Today, I announce my candidacy for a full term as America's Advancement Party's Party President. I had not planned to seek the Party Presidency; a Congressional career seemed more attractive to me. However, I inherited the job last month. I found

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seeker1: Experienced, Independent Leadership for Tennessee

2 Day 825, 23:49 USA

Citizens of Tennessee and of the eUSA:

Today, I announce my candidacy for an eighth term in Congress. I write you at a time of economic and political difficulty in the eUS. Although I have been an active member of the Budget and Finance

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