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Maine Senator's Congressional Report

1 Day 717, 23:05 USA

Day 707-716

October 31, 2009: No This would ordinarily be an automatic "yes" vote. However, we in Congress have found that sometimes money from the CBO may not have been spent in accordance with budget provisions. Moreover,

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Maine Senator's Congressional Report

0 Day 710, 23:21 USA

Day 706-710

October 26, 2009: MPP with Belgum Yes New MPP. Belgium has one territory surrounded by hostile powers, That territory was just freed by a Resistance War. Belgium needs protection.

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Maine Senator's Final Voting Report for the 22nd Congress

0 Day 705, 19:05 USA

Day 695-705

October 15, 2009: MPP with Bosnia and Herzegovina Yes Renews pact with a long-time ally.

October 15, 2009: Donate 99999 USD to Congressional Budget Office Yes Routine money management measure.

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Three Accomplishments of the 22nd Congress

3 Day 702, 18:23 USA

It has become fashionable to grumble that Congress is just a rubber stamp and does nothing but create red tape. There is a kernal of truth in the "rubber stamp" assertion. Most of Congress' votes non-controversial ones to move money to the

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seeker1: A Fifth Time for Maine

4 Day 701, 12:54 USA

Citizens of Maine:

Thank you for trusting me to represent you in Congress for the past four months. I come before you to ask for that trust again. You have allowed me to serve you for four terms. During that time, I have served once on the

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