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Tennessee Senator's Congressional Report

0 Day 815, 17:24 USA

Day 806-815

February 4, 2010

Donate 903 BRL to Congressional Budget Office--Yes

Routine money management measure

February 5, 2010

Increase minimum wage from 1 USD to 2.50 USD--NO

Skill 0 workers do not produce

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Tennessee Senator's Congressional Report

0 Day 807, 15:18 USA

Day 798-805

The 26th Congress of the eUSA convened on January 26, 2010. Rheinlander von Phalz was elected to a two month term as Speaker of the House. He appointed Fionia as Deputy Speaker, Stormin as Whip and Eotrick Deputy Whip. I was

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seeker1: Experienced Leadership for Tennessee

4 Day 790, 17:33 USA

Citizens of Tennessee:

Today I come before you to ask that you trust me to represent you in Congress. I represented Maine for six months. During the past month, I reverted to the role of a common citizen. Now I ask the people of … read more »

Congratulations, Thanks, Goodby for Now

3 Day 768, 19:33 USA

I enjoyed my time representing you in Congress. Now is the time to congratulate Jacob Stevenson and wish him success.

Thank you for the opportunities to serve that you gave me. We have been through a War that almost destroyed us. We have seen

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Former Maine Senator's Final Congressional Report

0 Day 768, 18:03 USA

Day 760-766

December 19, 2009: Declare war on Iran Yes The eUS is in good position to attack Phoenix member and high iron possessor Iran. Until yesterday, Russia stood in the way. Yesterday, their President was banned. This

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