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Possible changes to the economy

6 Day 2,079, 16:50 United Kingdom Financial business Financial business

In today's article i will discuss possible changes Plato could make to improve the economy ( any constructive criticism would be appreciated )

Work as manager

I think WAM should be changed so that people can only work in there own

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TACO Alliance -free food

15 Day 2,078, 09:53 United Kingdom Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Any member of Freemasons , New Era or the Radical Democratic Party can comment and il send you 250 energy worth of food .

Hail TACO \o/
Hail R.D.P
Hail New Era
Hail Freemasons


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The last stand of CoT

4 Day 2,074, 18:48 United Kingdom Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Simply by looking at a map( and clicking alliances :) ) you can see that TWO is close to wiping CoT from the world . Their are only three areas of concentrated CoT regions ; Germany , Japan and Indonesia .

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Inflation-Gold is losing value

4 Day 2,072, 15:51 United Kingdom Financial business Financial business

Over the last few weeks the price of Q7's has risen from about 8 GBP to almost 11 GBP but the price of Gold has been stable at 220-225 . That means each gold has gone from 28 Q7's to 20 . With the MU competition starting now i predict the price of

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Why is wales STILL under polish control ?

9 Day 2,071, 16:16 United Kingdom Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

2 months ago , i wrote an article wondering why wales was still under polish control after Argentina had been sent back to south america . The main reasons were

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