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Moo for Dictator

13 Day 2,754, 20:04 Published in Ireland Ireland Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

I am putting my name forward for the dictator election coming up. So a little bit about me, I am one of the oldest active citizens in Ireland and would like to think that I have played this game very honestly. I used to be very active in this game.

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I Remember When...Greece and Ireland were friends

40 Day 2,526, 19:57 Published in Ireland Ireland First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

A long long time ago I was in government and we proposed a MPP with Romania. A lot of older eIrish players did not like it because Romanians tried to PTO Ireland. It was all history before my time and the Romanians I was dealing with did not have

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An article about nothing

30 Day 2,495, 00:49 Published in Ireland Ireland First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

My eFriend Mic wrote an article with a challenge in it. I must of not read the article because he informed me that because I commented on his article I had to write an article. I like Mic so will write an article for him.

I am one of those old

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New English Speaking MU

33 Day 2,357, 16:13 Published in Chile Chile Battle orders Battle orders

I moved to Chile a few weeks ago from Ireland to take advantage of your high bonus. I have a few companies and can support my fighting using your bonus. While I am here I would like to meet new and interesting people. My Spanish is very bad and

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Let's Fill eRep with Art

5 Day 2,268, 19:21 Published in Ireland Ireland Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

My favorite Painting, not sure why moon started this but I had to join in.

I used to have a copy of this

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