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Moldova Dream: Episode “The Polish are coming”

72 Day 2,300, 01:16 Republic of Moldova Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

For a few days now, Moldova has managed an amazing achievement to occupy two countries in the same time, with one of the countries being a full-fledged member into the enemy alliance. Yes, I am talking about Belgium and United Kingdom.

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Planeta Moldova – Record stabilit in alegerile de congres!

37 Day 2,045, 11:27 Republic of Moldova Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Salut dragi membri ai Planetei Moldova. Astazi 26 iunie 2013, este o zi istorica a partidului nostru deoarece am reusit sa batem orice record avut la alegerile de congres, si sa obtinem 45,83% din voturi (respectiv 18 congresmani).

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Delta Force – Mentiune Onorabila!

18 Day 2,010, 11:18 Republic of Moldova Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

"Salut, toti colegi din Delta Force pentru efortul imens depus pentru competitia globala si nationala, dintre unitati militare, desfasurata intre zilele 2003 si 2009. Chiar daca am obtinut doar locul 4, am aratat ca inca suntem o unitate de temut read more »

Moldova United – Three Alliances together for one country

83 Day 1,643, 15:52 Republic of Moldova Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Three days ago, a miracle happened on the trenches between Moldavia and Ukraine. A Macedonian soldier was supplying with weapons, American and Romanian soldiers. This image deserves to be on all the newspaper pages around … read more »

Ukraine – a shadow with many faces

79 Day 1,634, 14:56 Republic of Moldova Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Many of you will wonder why I have chosen today to speak about a single country, when I usually cover the entire world. Well, the truth is, talking about Ukraine is like talking about the entire world, because every action this country does, affects

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