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The Cross Roads

15 Day 815, 07:26 USA

This week we take a look at the Men of Bravo Co. 2nd platoon on maneuvers in West Midlands England

Bravo 2 had been up and down Bunbury Rd. just south of Birmingham in West Midlands … read more »

Normandy Resistance

14 Day 807, 17:35 USA

This week we follow the Men and women of Charlie Co. 1st Platoon as they cause chaos in Normandy.

Dateline: Lower Normandy

Darkness covered the movements of Charlie Co. 1st Platoon … read more »

Dateline: South Africa

22 Day 800, 07:33 USA

This week we join the men of Alpha Company 4th Platoon during operations in South Africa.

Alpha 4 reached the rendezvous point at 1700 hours eRepubliK time where they, along with most … read more »


24 Day 793, 08:32 USA

This week we meet the men of Bravo Company 4th Platoon as they train in resistance war maneuvers.

The convoy driven by members of the TD delivered Bravo 4 to a small semi-abandoned … read more »

Home Coming

18 Day 786, 07:20 USA

This week we meet the Men and Women of Charlie CO 3rd Platoon as they return home from yet another bounce around the world.

The sun was bright in their eyes as it engulfed the rear … read more »