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Win 5g and MM medal just with few clicks!

0 Day 2,318, 16:41 Philippines First steps in eRepublik First steps in eRepublik

Mogul Project is a new way to earn subscribers for your newspaper!

Mogul Project runs on userscript, that makes this all posible.
It detects subscriptions and synchronizes data with 5v5 server.

When you click on it, you'll … read more »

|MoD| Fight for Philippines in Mindanao!

8 Day 2,246, 06:29 Philippines Battle orders Battle orders

Move to Colombia and hit for Philippines in Mindanao!

Colombia returning Mindanao to us

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|MoD| Prepare yourself for AIRSTRIKE!!!

22 Day 2,207, 04:47 Philippines Battle orders Battle orders

The President of South Korea has proposed an Airstrike on Philippines and now it needs their Congress approval. more »

Congress Election Instruction! READ CAREFULL

8 Day 2,197, 03:20 Philippines Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

I am BoyPickUp's spokesperson because he is currently busy IRL!

Dont vote only for first party!!!!

Priority for now is to vote for Nacionalista & Canaca party!

On this election we can have 40 congressmen, but only ~30 apply for

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|MoD| An epic battle is about to start at 15h erep time!

12 Day 2,190, 12:25 Philippines Battle orders Battle orders

Move to Pakistan and prepare for fight!!!

The NaP is siggned with Pakistan more »