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A vote for Marbus is a vote for Sanity

10 Day 2,082, 00:57 Australia Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Marbus here, President of the National Capitalist Liberals.

In eAustralia, in that great enation of Kangeroos and emus, a question must be raised on who is the best to lead the ecountry. You know, as well as I do, that eAustralia has suffered

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Victory is Mine!!!

28 Day 2,038, 02:04 Australia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

No, No, No, No, not this time eNew Zealand!!!!


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Bad Resistance Strategy in eAustralia

4 Day 2,000, 08:21 Australia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Now that eChile has been decling due to fearce resistance from eArgentina, one would think the eAustralian government would take advantage of this situation and organise resistance in Victoria. But no, once against the people of eAustralia are force

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Wake Up and fight!

15 Day 1,998, 10:01 Australia Battle orders Battle orders

Seriously, do i have to do this all by myself? Am i the only one that is putting any effort in the fights, when it actually counts? Am i the only paying attention when it matters?

Things need to change in eAustralia, if we ever expect to win over

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Within the next 3 hours, eNew Zeland Alliance with the eUSA expires

9 Day 1,995, 03:25 Australia Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

Men and wemen of eAustralia, in the next three hours, eNew Zeland will have its alliance with the eUSA expired. It is therefore important that the president of eAustralia strikes up an alliance with the eUSA.

I call on for the president of

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