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[IA] Strike Night Results - We love Chile and Red Hot Peppers

17 Day 2,099, 11:00 Ireland Battle orders Battle orders

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IA Official Strike Tonight Day 2098 @ 1200

11 Day 2,098, 03:16 Ireland Battle orders Battle orders

Just to inform you that there will be an IA strike at 1200 server time tonight. … read more »

**Irish Army - Official Strike POSTPONED TO 1200 Server Time Day 2098**

36 Day 2,096, 00:57 Ireland Battle orders Battle orders

**EDIT** Strike Date changed.

Hello there. Our main mission tonight was … read more »

[IMP] 15 Gold Give-away for Irish Citizens - MPP's of choice

49 Day 2,095, 15:45 Ireland Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Irish Military Party presents.............Alliances

So class.

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[IA] Pulse Extension - Optional Extra

18 Day 2,094, 13:51 Ireland Battle orders Battle orders

Hello everyone.

This article is for Irish Army members and anyone intending to join the Irish Army in the near future. I would like everyone to consider downloading the following browser extension: Pulsetracker. The extension for Chrome can be

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