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The PTO coming down the track courtesy of the IUP...

50 Day 1,742, 08:55 Published in Ireland Ireland Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

This is fun!

Meet the IUP, one of the great Irish Political Parties with a fine tradition. They haven't been doing so well in recent times, but look! Under new leadership they have prospered and managed to get 4 members into Congress.


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Big in Japan - Malcontents MU - Boring stuff - Big Prizes!!

19 Day 1,739, 00:15 Published in Ireland Ireland Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment


First of all can we all agree that the last few months have been the most boring, dull, sleep-inducing period of eRepublik for this little country ever? I mean, it's actually down to the fact that we are politically quite astute and can do

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Next airstrikes

11 Day 1,730, 15:22 Published in Ireland Ireland Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

3 Days left (this time around)

After the phenomenal success of Bulgaria's strike on Argentina, albeit with a very strong circle … read more »

Retirement home for VETS, eGov4you and keeping the peace

19 Day 1,725, 01:42 Published in Ireland Ireland Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Hello citizens of Ireland.

As you are aware, the military unit structure in Ireland is undergoing

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Short solution for Military Cohesion

7 Day 1,721, 03:52 Published in Ireland Ireland Warfare analysis Warfare analysis


So we've discussed the current situation with regard to Irish military units and come up with a number of proposals, either an amalgamation of all MU's into one large unit, with divisions matched up with regiments. Or alternatively, having 4

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