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Fight or Be WIPED!

20 Day 2,167, 12:47 Published in Japan Japan Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Today, I don't have a special article for you. I did, but due to a CSRF attack, all my hard work..... :'(

Anyways, the title says it all. We are at our last region. We must fight, or we will find ourselves wiped. I'm not sure why the DO says

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Kazawanese Aggression Yet Again

4 Day 2,163, 21:50 Published in Japan Japan Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

This is starting to play out like another war I remember, oh yeah, the war where we were wiped out by Kazawan after fighting with South Korea. Despite making peace with SK, eRoC wiped us anyways. Despite trying to make peace, they wiped us anyways

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New to eJapan? Join our forums today!

5 Day 2,158, 11:51 Published in Japan Japan Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Are you new to eJapan?
Are you just back from 2-Clicking?
Do you have an interest in our proud nation?

Why not join our community? Through the history of eJapan, there have been many forums and one or two IRCs that have held public

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How Patriotic are you?

4 Day 2,156, 20:48 Published in Japan Japan Financial business Financial business

Hello there. You can call me Itou-san. I'm here representing Tetsuya Corporation with a new financial update.

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Tameru Trade Corp. seeks employees, investors

1 Day 2,151, 23:46 Published in Japan Japan Financial business Financial business

Greetings my Japanese Brothers and Sisters,

The House of Tameru is pleased to announce that we are back in business. Although efforts to improve the training grounds did not fall through due to the gold limit, and indeed a game bug (mostly the

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