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I'm sorry I have not published for far too long, but the trolls and bullies owned the media module in the run up to, and after the elections for a while. PWNAGE sequence completed.

Division 1 Super Tanks

5 Day 3,163, 04:03 Published in Serbia Serbia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

This is not aimed at any specific person. Nor do I condemn these people. But there is a lot of outrage about supposed Division 1 super tanks now losing their edge.

lets review are you really telling me that for 2 years you just logged in and

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Air Battles : Screenshots

3 Day 3,162, 16:20 Published in Serbia Serbia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Look in the top of the screen Plato at play.

I dont know whether one can move the fighter. But anyway that is how it will look.

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Aircrafts: My Feedback and Ideas

0 Day 3,162, 09:38 Published in Serbia Serbia Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Well this is interesting it seems Unduli Project or Project Unduli thinks hand to eye coordination wont be required in new aircraft battles.

She is of the opinion that this will be the new skill.

Its easy to see why she is confused:


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How airplanes wont work

4 Day 3,161, 11:50 Published in Ireland Ireland Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

1.You buy a Q1 Aircraft Company:- You roll in the money!!!

More like

2. Everyone will have the same

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The Daily Polluter :Part 2

3 Day 3,160, 02:09 Published in Serbia Serbia Financial business Financial business

Yesterday I produced 112 Q5 Weapons in Idaho. As you can remember on full factory production (220 Q5 Weps)I got my first reading of 1.12.

The pollution today is 0.03% This suggest the average is close to 122 perhaps 120. Who knows.


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