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I'm sorry I have not published for far too long, but the trolls and bullies owned the media module in the run up to, and after the elections for a while. PWNAGE sequence completed.

Plato Please remove countries that have completed the tournament

11 Day 3,116, 02:22 Published in Ireland Ireland Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Yesterday i was watching nations roll in as Cattle was available. It seems very likely that Cattle may become the first uncommon resource with extended air time. Well the first 6 nations that would cross the line had completed the tournament

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A big thank you to the unnamed Masses

7 Day 3,115, 15:12 Published in Ireland Ireland Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Well since our CP wont acknowledge other people than a few people let me just thank everyone who HELPED to create feasible regions to place my factories and for the commune account John Snuggles to place that factories. This whole tourney was

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Jobs for everyone

5 Day 3,112, 04:18 Published in Serbia Serbia Financial business Financial business

Ok I have 50 job offers at 122 cc per job. My plan is to make 1000 work tickets. Thereafter all workers will be fired. So this is a short term job . Do not quit your regular high paying job for this.

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Wikedleaks:The new product revealed

9 Day 3,110, 07:10 Published in Serbia Serbia Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

My serbian friends I can announce now I have found folder in the admins komputer called "very sexy pass around"

I assume is the new product ...

Teh admins is also

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About the economic downturn

7 Day 3,110, 02:53 Published in Ireland Ireland Financial business Financial business

We yesterday saw the WRM sticking at 0.05 or the drop rate then of 0.04.

Why was this. At the start of the tournament everyone thought there would be a huge demand on weapons.

This however did not realize. The reason is simple:

When one

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