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Sayeret Matkal [ENG/HEB]

28 Day 2,032, 07:46 Israel Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Hello dear Israeli people,
שלום אנשי ישראל היקרים,

Sayeret Matkal is the first Military Unit founded in Israel by Joe Franco. Delivering damage in the name of Israel and its allies.
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Sayeret Matkal [ENG/HEB]

43 Day 2,002, 15:08 Israel Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

My dear brave Sayeret Matkal brothers,
אחיי האמיצים מסיירת מטכ"ל,

Today we saw that on Days 2003 -2009 there will be a Tournament between Military Units.
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Thank You / תודה [ENG/HEB]

85 Day 2,001, 08:46 Israel Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Dear friends,
חברים יקרים,

Yesterday (Day 2000) was a GREAT DAY for Israel.
אתמול (יום 2000) היה יום גדול בשביל ישראל.

It was a

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חוזים לאימונים / Contracts for Train [ENG/HEB]

6 Day 1,912, 15:56 Israel Financial business Financial business

Hello dear Israeli people,
שלום, ישראלים יקרים,

Today we saw 2 offers-contracts (50% and 90%) for train. Let’s see if these contracts are for our interest with ALL combinations of training grounds.
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[MoFA] Embassy Report #2 / דו"ח שגרירים

20 Day 1,834, 13:56 Israel Warfare analysis Warfare analysis


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