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iTrader (beta) ! A good helper program!

48 Day 2,432, 10:29 Argentina Financial business Financial business

*** UPDATE x2!! Version 1.1.0 beta is out! The links are the same.

For people who just want to vote, sub and download, the links:
Standalone executable >> dropbox
Source Code, latest everything,
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Ultimato público ao eRepublik Labs

5 Day 2,428, 05:41 Argentina Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Translated from here;
Traduzido d'aqui.

Nós, líderes de comunidades nacionais de jogadores de eRepublik juntámos as nossas vozes numa só neste ultimato ao eRepublik

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Plato & CHs

10 Day 2,043, 15:11 Portugal Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Good night fellow friends, soldiers, companions, and other eRepublikans that I haven't had the chance to meet.

Today I bring you an article mainly about my thoughts, about some few changes in this game, I'll also be bragging a bit about my new

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1st eRIMC Prizes Announcement and info for Contestants

6 Day 1,971, 05:03 USA Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Good Morning all eRepublik citizens!!

I'm writing this article to you just to let you know how will the prizes be distributed for the tomorrow contest.
Because no-one from the community wanted to contribute, the prizes will be just the 20 gold

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1st eRIMC Prizes ||| Registered Contestants

3 Day 1,956, 05:47 USA Financial business Financial business

Prizes total amount, not yet divided into the total awards to each category.

I remember that anyone can donate to help, the smallest donation will be welcome. I would just ask that, players who want to contribute with food donate food Q5, … read more »