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Ipsis Verbis - Statistical Information from the eRepublik and other News, word-by-word, number-by-number

[Petition to the Admins] Access to the National Organizations

22 Day 1,573, 08:06 Portugal Financial business Financial business


During the extractions of data concerning the currency and gold available in each National Organization, I've realized that … read more »

[Statistics] Country Gold and Currency Ranking Week 09

15 Day 1,573, 06:13 Portugal Financial business Financial business


Today we are going to look into the Treasury and the National Organizations gold and currency. Last week we had the big … read more »

[Statistics]Alliances Swing of Regions Week 09

15 Day 1,571, 06:59 Portugal Warfare analysis Warfare analysis


Today I will continue the analysis to the extracted data after the Presidential elections. To have a fair view of a military … read more »

[Statistics]Around the eWorld Presidential Elections Analysis

10 Day 1,569, 06:04 Portugal Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis


The publication of this newspaper had given me the pleasure of interacting with many people that I would have not known … read more »

[Reference] National Organizations Compendium

15 Day 1,566, 12:25 Portugal Financial business Financial business


Today we will divert slightly the topic from statistics. We will create a compendium of all National Organizations for each … read more »