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Chaos Ensues

8 2 days ago Ireland Financial business Financial business

Hold on to your hats peeps.
All chaos is breaking loose. Expect chaos in the markets for the next couple of weeks until the market adjusts to the new housing demands.

The new rules for q1 houses and HRM are certainly going to send the market

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Congress Bid

12 6 days ago Ireland Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

I'm running for Congress. I hope you all support me. I want to put Clan Wolf on the map again. We aren't a large party, but we believe we can be influential. We have gone through

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Campaigning for Captain

8 Day 2,428, 16:13 Ireland Battle orders Battle orders

This wolf is running for Captain in Regiment 6.


Simple, this wolf wants to be a larger contributer to Ireland. Wishing to repay all that eIreland has done for him. Fiercely loyal, and a guiding force, I believe I'm the top dog

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Wolf Arise!

9 Day 2,425, 18:15 Ireland Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Wild and Free The Wolves Prowl
When it is darkest we are strongest
Our eyes having a natural scowl
The pack has stood together longest

The wolves shall rise
This is the truest tale
The wolves shall rise
Withstanding stormy gale


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Fighting Efficiently

10 Day 2,423, 19:31 Ireland Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Let's take a look at weapons. These tools can really help a player out when fighting battles. There are several things in weapons that are worth considering.

Fire Power

# of uses

Your strength


Your rank number (recruit to titan)

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