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How Does WAM Work?

2 14 hours ago Published in Canada Canada Financial business Financial business

Here we are in the game, and I have seen a lot of Newer players in the game, and they may have ran into a veteran or two whom have through out WAM. So, what is WAM? Simple. WAM is Work as Manager.

Everytime you as a player work for yourself,

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Winter IS Coming

28 4 days ago Published in Canada Canada Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

The night has fallen and the wolves have their fangs bared.
The moon is full, and our enemies are scared.
The banner rises upon the darkened crest
The hunts begun, we will not rest.

Silvery hair rustling in the breeze
The wolves chase the

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Epic Warfare!

6 6 days ago Published in Canada Canada Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

30 hours and counting. Canada is about to become EPIC!
Watch for the Canucks as they pull out every Stop!

This is the way we roll. Every time you

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Blatant Recruitment Article

6 Day 2,522, 18:50 Published in Canada Canada Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

We are the Wolves. Here are are what we want in our members:

Strength in Unity
A Tenacious Drive!


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What are they Thinking?

9 Day 2,521, 17:44 Published in Canada Canada Financial business Financial business

Q4 houses are OUT!

Can you hear the crowd roar? *Crickets chirping in background*

I really don't think these admins really thought these houses properly.

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