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ICP Congress Election

6 Day 2,526, 13:41 Published in India India Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

This is my presentation for the upcoming Congressional Elections for the Indian Communist Party. I believe that could do well in office, enabling the government to make wise decisions about our nations future. I quit the game in late 2013, to

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What we do next in war...

5 Day 2,523, 14:27 Published in India India Battle orders Battle orders

Firstly- Military Updates

I must congratulate you all in your efforts to reconquer land. Our successful liberation of Chhatisgarh and Madhya Pradesh is testament to your abilities and determination. By liberating these regions we will … read more »

What's happened to the world? - A call to arms!

10 Day 2,522, 01:42 Published in India India Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Ok, I have been gone for a while, a long while. Stuff it, I decided a year ago to quit but the game drew me back, the realistic commerce, the politics and the wide user based play system. But on return (not meaning to sound like a prat), I find our

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Military Unit Competion Results

5 Day 2,080, 01:08 Published in India India Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

These are the final standing as of 00:00, Day 2080 of The New World:

🏆1st Place~ The Indian Armed Forces with 1704529635 damage.
💰2nd Place~ The Curtis Merc. Group with 132002633 damage.
🍸3rd Place~ Nirvana with 92716319 damage.
4th Place~

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Military Unit Comp. Info

4 Day 2,072, 02:06 Published in India India Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Basic Rules

- All the Military Units in the New World will be ranked based on the damage done by their members (both full members and recruits)
- Any type of damage counts (including Bombs, Rockets and Guerrilla Fights)
- The tournament … read more »