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The Real Spamicans don't do manifestos

15 Day 945, 12:01 United Kingdom

But if they did....

Hi i'm Horice and I AM NOT A LOONY! Why should I be tarred
with the epithet "loony" merely because I have a pet halibut?
I've heard tell that Mr Woldy has a pet prawn called Simon, and
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The Lords and the Evil Keers

31 Day 942, 01:30 United Kingdom

The Real Spamicans have watched as once
more a great evil has spead across the eUK

"What is this great evil that has spread read more »

[MoSW] In Preparation of a Digby Victory !

7 Day 926, 00:27 United Kingdom

Come the dawn of a Digby electoral victory the
Ministry will immediately begin it's vital work

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Is this the end ?

16 Day 921, 07:39 United Kingdom

The Real Spamicans need your help
our quest for serious sillyness is failing

"We wish to spread sillyness and promote fun in the eUK&read more »

Cpl Useless media troll ?

32 Day 918, 11:23 Ireland

Cpl Useless visited the eUK this Morning

He issued a warning to the whole population
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