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Your Country Needs You !

22 Day 1,007, 07:41 United Kingdom

The eUK V-II project was secretly commissioned
to create an elite corps of supersoldiers who
could stem the spread of EDEN in the eWorld;

Only you the citizens of the eUK have the opportunity to join
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Horice for CP ?

20 Day 983, 10:09 United Kingdom

An announcement from the official
'Horice for CP' campaign office

"Horice G Fossil would like to announce that he intends read more »

An Urgent Appeal !

12 Day 961, 11:38 United Kingdom

This is an appeal on behalf of the Real Spamicans

"Karacticus The Real Spamicans Party President is missing,
we urgently need
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A Spamican's comment on the CP elections

8 Day 952, 09:16 United Kingdom

With this months CP election campaigns beginning
the Real Spamicans watch as the personel attacks
begin and a little more fun is sucked from the eUK

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Keep Calm and........

32 Day 948, 12:38 United Kingdom

How are you in an crisis ?


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