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27 14 hours ago South Africa Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

This article has no tranlation in English...

Lazokrasi bünyesinde Türkiye Vatandaşlarını bulundurduğu gibi yabancı vatandaşları da bulundurmaktadır.
Türkiye Cumhuriyeti Devleti’nin gerçek Hayatta Lazokrasi Adında bir read more »

A history Of Different Person

25 Day 2,321, 02:20 South Africa Battle orders Battle orders

Good Evening eSA ,

whatever you do , at the end of your story you will be raped. That means KALDIRDIK BEKLIYORUZ!

And the another word "OZ AG" . That was created by ZAPPA . AND not from a well known language. let me simply
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Battle Report

21 Day 505, 17:22 South Korea

Heil Dear leader.

We have been doing very good. Armies of dear leader are unmatched in heroism, damage, and honor. Disgusting Chinese litter streets attempting to harm us, we punch them in face and get KO!


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Invasion of Sk

32 Day 505, 15:52 China

Attention all chinese. This invasion of South Korea is not sanctioned by the Iranian or Indonesian governments. Whoever is leading this invasion will be hanged at noon, in … read more »

Navy II uses stolen gold for imperialism

14 Day 505, 15:16 USA

Hello dear comrades of USA! War brews, as the evil imperialists of China invade the unaligned nation of South Korea. This is blasphemy, and … read more »