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All I Ever Wanted

15 Day 534, 13:28 Published in USA USA

I've been taking a lot of heat lately for speaking out against the lack of communication and transparency from our government. As I attempt to argue that citizens are being unnecessarily left in the dark, I am met with the exact same line over and

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Wear The Wounds of Your Demise

11 Day 529, 13:29 Published in USA USA

It really seems like the wheels are coming off of this thing.

Obviously, I don't know what the strategy is, so I really don't know if things are going according to plan or not. Perhaps the intention from the beginning was to mess up diplomatic

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War? Good God, Ya'll.

17 Day 527, 22:40 Published in USA USA

About 9 hours ago, the White House sent out a teaser press release to alert everyone of a future press release. While the teaser focused on battle wellness (and voting the article up), no real information was given out. The release promised an

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Freedom of Choice is What You Got

2 Day 527, 13:34 Published in USA USA

Presidential elections are in a few days and I've been weighing out my decision on who to vote for. Scrabman is the current President and he's not doing a horrible job. I'm a RightCon member and they have endorsed Kyle321n, but I don't really know

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Bye Bye Miss American Pie

9 Day 524, 12:21 Published in USA USA

I intended to have my first real article be all about PTOs, but since we just had a Congressional Election, it would make more sense to talk about that, yes?

If you read all the rags, then surely you've heard about this 'USWP vs. everyone else'

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