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Hawaii Targeted by Indo

42 Day 577, 15:14 Published in USA USA

Yesterday, the "Indonesian Tourism Board" announced plans to take over Hawaii. While the article sounds comical, I believe we should

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the threat of SCRABMAN?

53 Day 569, 12:26 Published in USA USA

Read Scrabman's article here.

"It is very unfortunate that so many players have left the USA to become anarchists abroad (or have stayed here and continued to tear

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Elections Are Upon Us

18 Day 562, 17:09 Published in USA USA

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Vote Federalist for Congress

4 Day 551, 23:43 Published in USA USA

I make no secret about being a Federalist. With such a big target on my back, I wouldn't be able to hide it if I wanted to. Since I'm considered to be so blatantly partisan, I … read more »

Three hun-dred six-ty five de-grees

22 Day 546, 09:59 Published in USA USA

The war in Russia came without official announcement. War games had been going on that day, and as usual, citizens were confused. Most caught the hint and obsessively refreshed articles waiting for orders while preparing to fight. Others just fought.

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