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Fed Candidates July 2009

4 Day 612, 22:53 Published in USA USA

Here are the OFFICIAL Federalist candidates for July '09 Congress:

Jane Barnet, Mississippi (USWP)

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The Military Edition

17 Day 609, 14:20 Published in USA USA

I told myself I wouldn't join the military until someone actively recruited me. I've been in this game for 4 months. I am a Colonel now! (Just ranked up..woo!) I figured SOMEONE would have talked to me about joining the military at SOME point.

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Federalists Reject Congress Freeze

11 Day 605, 10:38 Published in USA USA

I tried to write this article all day yesterday. With this freeze idea being rejected by some, and others scrambling to manipulate the situation to their advantage, there has been a lot to talk about.

After presenting the entirety of the

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Fingerguns for Fed PP

17 Day 600, 17:33 Published in USA USA

For the first time in a long time, the race for Party President of the Federalist Party is being contested. I found out yesterday that Congressman James S. Pfeiffer is running against me. I'll admit, I was somewhat surprised by this considering I've

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A Change Would Do Us Good

18 Day 592, 13:19 Published in USA USA

This is a brilliant article and is much akin to my current state of mind.

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