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Why I Cannot Nominate Gaius for President

13 Day 651, 12:21 Published in USA USA

The game won't let me.

I've tried around 250 times now and have submitted a ticket every day about this issue, but have yet to receive any kind of response.

It's not like we're in short supply of reasons to be angry with the Admins, but let's

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Do You Support A Party's Right to Organize?

63 Day 645, 11:01 Published in USA USA

How long have hardcore players in this game, often government officials, complained about the partisanship and immaturity brought about on behalf of parties? How long have parties argued amongst themselves about what other parties are 'on their side'

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9 Day 626, 01:22 Published in USA USA

The Federalist Party Org was hacked by someone who says they are from PEACE. Thankfully, super member, citizenslave, was working in the Org at the time. I asked him to drain the accounts and move the companies before our little visitor had a chance

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Harrison Richardson Wins Federalist Endorsement

6 Day 623, 00:33 Published in USA USA

The Federalist Party chose to endorse incumbent President, Harrison Richardson, for re-election. He won internal polling with 58% of the vote.

A more formal announcement will be made later today. I'll add the link when it is posted.

I want to

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Fed Candidates July 2009

4 Day 612, 22:53 Published in USA USA

Here are the OFFICIAL Federalist candidates for July '09 Congress:

Jane Barnet, Mississippi (USWP)

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