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Gettin' srs about the Pig.

28 Day 800, 13:38 Published in USA USA

So, obviously I have been making campaign pictures for PigInZen. When he announced he was going to run for President, he asked if I would help out. He's my

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Sorry, bro. You did it wrong.

10 Day 799, 19:24 Published in USA USA

I know this is not new or especially original...except for maybe the last couple.

*Guns don't kill people. Eugene Harlot kills People.
*There is no theory of evolution. Just a list of animals Eugene Harlot allows to live.
*Eugene Harlot does

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All Hail WarPig! Death to Infidels!

9 Day 799, 18:29 Published in USA USA

That's one smart Pig!

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Sad Pandas, High Horses

13 Day 798, 14:01 Published in USA USA


Your act. Get it together.

You have literally hundreds of members, but only a handful of active people. You and I both know what it would take to get … read more »

Way To Do It, USA!

7 Day 798, 00:13 Published in USA USA

The call for votes in Belgium was answered by members of all parties, Congress was on top of approving citizenship for returning voters and the military performed at their … read more »