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MDP, National Heroes?

19 Day 1,173, 08:46 Published in Canada Canada

A few days ago the gov't released an article I wasn't happy about but I had it written and done anyway to ensure the return of a large portion of gold. Some may argue that it didn't need to be done and that it wasn't extorted. I leave it to the

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Why Aeriala for 1 More Month

15 Day 1,172, 17:55 Published in Canada Canada

So with election day fast approaching, I can only attempt to give you a clearer view of why you, the people, should re-elect me.

It wasn't an easy month, starting with nothing and making a go. A late start into the month didn't help either. I

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Aeriala for Feb, and the group I have Chosen

18 Day 1,170, 15:36 Published in Canada Canada

I guess it's time to release my cabinet choices for February. Some of the old and some new. As always I allow ministers to pick their own deputies. So more new faces are always possible.

Vice President - Kelly Mahoney
Chief of Staff

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[CP] Order of the Day 1168

9 Day 1,168, 08:30 Published in Canada Canada

Try and lose the battle in UK. We want to be able to close this battle shortly. There are lots of fights upcoming that will allow you to complete the mission. Winning in the UK is not important so don't bother to take regions.


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Aeriala, A Stable Future

32 Day 1,166, 14:30 Published in Canada Canada

So why vote Aeriala again in February?

I know this month hasn't been perfectly smooth, but hard work to recovery never ceased. A steady effortwas made to ensure Canada would continue smoothly.

Orgs were regained with speed and efficiency, MPPs

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