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Fulfilling a promise

11 Day 1,143, 23:38 Published in Canada Canada

Things have definately gone crazy in the last couple days. I have been bombarded with requests and asked for favours. Since it seems I am bound to not win I can only fulfill 1 request as a regular Canadian. I don't actually understand it but will do

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An Announcement Regarding Gov't Positions from Aeriala

13 Day 1,141, 10:35 Published in Canada Canada

As I have been approached often enough lately about gov't positions, I'll make a public announcement regarding my views, reasoning, and how you could get a chance to help in my gov't if I am elected.

There are possibly positions open, however I

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A Vote for Aeriala, A Vote for Opportunity

7 Day 1,140, 09:13 Published in Canada Canada

As we head into the final days for the CP election I'd like to put a refresher on my campaign notes. I realize I'm little late putting out notes on it but family responsibilities held me up, so goes the holidays.
First off a big thanks to Addy and

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Aeriala for Jan 5th, How to build a Dream Team

7 Day 1,133, 13:57 Published in Canada Canada

Well I can't deny that I have some lofty goals as outlined in my last article but achieving them I cannot deny may be a difficult task. Any body can walk in with a simple platform and make it sound good but to bring about change in many different

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Aeriala for CP, Jan 5th

12 Day 1,129, 13:54 Published in Canada Canada

I felt a longer version was in order as I introduced myself to the race. So here goes as this will be the basis of my campaign.

First order of business is to review and fix our MPP list. This doesn't have to mean returning to what we had before

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