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A Simple Hello

19 Day 1,195, 07:09 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom

Greetings my fellow citizens.

As a new member of the UK I felt it only proper to introduce myself. For those that don't know me I am the former CP of eCanada, former VP and a long standing representitive to EDEN and PANAM. This also begs the

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[Sask] Aeriala for Congress

13 Day 1,191, 08:35 Published in Canada Canada

My last article talked about having an active congress. Easy to see just page back 1 article at the bottom of the screen. This time I'd like to discuss what an active and useful congress is ( and why you should vote for me ofcourse). :)

The idea

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Congress, a useless pile of crap

45 Day 1,174, 13:15 Published in Canada Canada

There is useless and then there is amazingly useless.

Not many people pay attention to what congress does on the forums, I know. But prehaps it's time you took a look. The last 6 votes in congress failed because less than 40% of congress could be

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MDP, National Heroes?

19 Day 1,173, 08:46 Published in Canada Canada

A few days ago the gov't released an article I wasn't happy about but I had it written and done anyway to ensure the return of a large portion of gold. Some may argue that it didn't need to be done and that it wasn't extorted. I leave it to the

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Why Aeriala for 1 More Month

15 Day 1,172, 17:55 Published in Canada Canada

So with election day fast approaching, I can only attempt to give you a clearer view of why you, the people, should re-elect me.

It wasn't an easy month, starting with nothing and making a go. A late start into the month didn't help either. I

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