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CP Update day 1151

21 Day 1,151, 20:18 Published in Canada Canada

First off I apologize for Rolo. Yea he's an ass but what can I do? We'll see on that one.

I wish I had exciting news to report but meh. Sorry I'm not of the type of person that can turn bullturds into gold. The budget has been completed and

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A Message From Your CP

25 Day 1,149, 20:47 Published in Canada Canada

Welcome to the shitstorm. Ok maybe that's just me. Following my father's funeral I walk into this. It could be worse. Preplanning was done, they got away with a bit but meh, really, it's mostly sad. We prepared, we set up, this doesn't hurt that bad.

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Fulfilling a promise

11 Day 1,142, 23:38 Published in Canada Canada

Things have definately gone crazy in the last couple days. I have been bombarded with requests and asked for favours. Since it seems I am bound to not win I can only fulfill 1 request as a regular Canadian. I don't actually understand it but will do

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An Announcement Regarding Gov't Positions from Aeriala

13 Day 1,141, 10:35 Published in Canada Canada

As I have been approached often enough lately about gov't positions, I'll make a public announcement regarding my views, reasoning, and how you could get a chance to help in my gov't if I am elected.

There are possibly positions open, however I

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A Vote for Aeriala, A Vote for Opportunity

7 Day 1,140, 09:13 Published in Canada Canada

As we head into the final days for the CP election I'd like to put a refresher on my campaign notes. I realize I'm little late putting out notes on it but family responsibilities held me up, so goes the holidays.
First off a big thanks to Addy and

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