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[CP] Order of the Day 1168

9 Day 1,168, 08:30 Published in Canada Canada

Try and lose the battle in UK. We want to be able to close this battle shortly. There are lots of fights upcoming that will allow you to complete the mission. Winning in the UK is not important so don't bother to take regions.


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Aeriala, A Stable Future

32 Day 1,166, 14:30 Published in Canada Canada

So why vote Aeriala again in February?

I know this month hasn't been perfectly smooth, but hard work to recovery never ceased. A steady effortwas made to ensure Canada would continue smoothly.

Orgs were regained with speed and efficiency, MPPs

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4 More Years........oh sh*t

15 Day 1,163, 12:58 Published in Canada Canada

I guess it's time to officially declare my intentions. I will be running for CP again on Feb 5th.

Today I wish to introduce my simple campaign. Common sense, honesty and openness.

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Congress elections

17 Day 1,159, 20:16 Published in Canada Canada

So congress elections are upon us. You will be bombarded with articles from people who wanna get elected to do nothing. Same old same old right? SVTs will elect the same old useless people for no reason we're in Canada right? Maybe, today I

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CP Update day 1151

21 Day 1,151, 20:18 Published in Canada Canada

First off I apologize for Rolo. Yea he's an ass but what can I do? We'll see on that one.

I wish I had exciting news to report but meh. Sorry I'm not of the type of person that can turn bullturds into gold. The budget has been completed and

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