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Support Singapore in the resistance!

2 Day 1,850, 20:13 Singapore Battle orders Battle orders

Support the resistance! Singapore has to be free!

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Opinions|More alternatives to free Singapore!

3 Day 1,850, 20:02 Singapore Battle orders Battle orders

Ever since the last article, we have realised that Singapore has been taken over by not one but two organisations--Indonesia and a bad government, who is only working for their own selfish interest, not for Singapore. We urge the government to be

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Opinion|Alternatives to free our homeland, Singapore.

11 Day 1,847, 07:53 Singapore Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Failure after failure, resistance against the Indonesian Occupation of Singapore has failed. Singaporeans are still Indonesians, without their benefits. Meanwhile, another resistance by the Philippines to liberate part of their homeland has failed

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Onwards, Singapore! Our resistance carries on!

2 Day 1,846, 06:42 Singapore Battle orders Battle orders

Resistance after reistance, we have yet failed to drive away the Indonesians away from our homeland! The Indonesians have also not kept their word--to free Singapore on 5th December after their "training war". Even when Singapore loses the

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Fight for our freedom: the resistance carries on!

5 Day 1,843, 00:39 Singapore Battle orders Battle orders

Fellow citizens of Singapore, come on and give your support to the Resistance Force of Singapore so that we can fight off the Indonesians! We have to be free! Onward, Singaporeans! :)

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