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eSA military reform proposal

33 Day 1,918, 15:20 South Africa Warfare analysis Warfare analysis

Some might think I’ve fallen from bloody Mars to propose such ideas, which you’ll read in following text, if you’ll have the … read more »

eSA ATO proposal

25 Day 1,885, 04:00 South Africa Political debates and analysis Political debates and analysis

On the brink of eMacedonian (eFYROMian) PTO of Open Opportunity Party (OOP) I'd like to propose that all of true eSA voters and members of OOP move out of their party and into one other which would push OOP out of TOP5 and make it into congress

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Hello and thanks eSA

14 Day 1,794, 00:08 South Africa Social interactions and entertainment Social interactions and entertainment

Nothing fancy and no pics in this article just one big thank you note to eSA government for approving my application to this country. I've already met some of you people on chat and on forum and I think we'll have a great time here.

What are my

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