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British National Party Awesome Fun Time!!! :D

18 Day 1,212, 17:47 United Kingdom

Look out guys, there's a new sexy party in town! THE BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY WILL MAKE ALL OF YOU WILDEST DREAMS COME TRUE!

We are currently

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Good Night eRepublik, Good Night eUK, Good Night Moon

31 Day 866, 12:18 United Kingdom

As my political journey through the UK forcibly comes to a close, I thought you'd all enjoy me explaining my actions and what has gone on.

Needless to say, I'm a crappy thief and I don't have enough real drive to even keep the money or fuck with

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Got a new MoW in town!

14 Day 824, 06:27 United Kingdom

As most of you forum and irc active know by now, JamesW and many other ministers in Dishmcds's administration have quit their posts which has left the country in quite a pickle. James was a

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lol Socialist Party

9 Day 805, 10:02 United Kingdom

You're PP calls out other parties, yet you only have 33 members...niiiiccceee

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Meghan for Brussels Congress!

11 Day 764, 13:05 United Kingdom

Hi All! I’m Meghan, and I am voicing my intentions to run for congress

As some of you may know, I have been highly involved in the eUK. I am currently in my second term as apprentice to the Ministry of Home Affairs and in my position of

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